Defensive Market Strategies - Brisbane, QLD


The time to learn basic defensive strategies is when the market is at an all-time post GFC high – not when the market is in free-fall!

It is possible that US- Chinese relations will improve, the Brexit will resolve, commodities lead by Iron will continue, and the Australian economy will grow with higher interest rates and higher inflation. It’s possible!

However, we expect that:
  • US-China relations will continue to deteriorate into 2020
  • Brexit will end with a NO DEAL and the European Union will start to dissolve.
  • Commodities lead by iron will start to ease with Iron returning to $80 in the next 12 months.
  • Australian economy will continue to stall with banks making it difficult for investment.
We are NOT saying to sell your stocks – especially those with income. We are saying that you should learn to DEFEND your investments with market insurance, sector insurance, and individual investment insurance. The best time to take on these skills is NOW!

Our basic course covers:
  • Tell Tale signs for market falls
  • The concept of hedging and market insurance
  • Insuring a portfolio
  • Insuring individual stocks
  • Trading Rises and falls
This is a basic – easy-to-follow course for those with little or no experience in Basic Investment Defense. A full set of descriptive notes with examples is supplied. ...
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Brisbane, QLD
Start :Monday 17th June 2019 5:30 PM
Finish :Monday 17th June 2019 8:30 PM
Cost :$55
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