Short Term Trading

In a market that suddenly increases and then decreases in volatilty, it is often difficult to make informed strategic decisions. Our market seems set to catch-up with the world but small hiccups in Europe or the US and we seem to tumble back down in a seemingly random manner. Short-term trading has the potential to make big profits from short runs in the market and then withdrawing for the next opportunity. Keeping your money in the market all the time is exposing you to risks that were accepted in the twentieth century but are no longer applicable in today’s market!

Short-term moves in the market limit risk and allow your profits to run in short, sharp trends. Volatility becomes your ally. Many of these trends can be traded with simple, generic, behavioural models and good trading discipline. These behavioural models are often repeated in complex texts on Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliott Wave methodologies but can be described simply and applied easily.

Key to Success:

  • Discipline
  • Basic Knowlegde
  • Money Management

If you have the discipline to trade we can provide you with the basic knowledge and the money management skills that will lead to success.