Market Brief - Sydney, NSW
From August to December our market fell 15% (5 months). This is a technical crash.

In just 3 months our market has recovered – literally crashing up. The hold and pray mechanism has helped many investors.

Find out what major international event powered the down-turn and the up-turn.

See where our market is now headed.

Both these events were opportunities to make BIG money rather than just hope the market comes back.

See where the market is headed to next. Profit from this years Easter period. Consider some of the macro events that are facing us this year – Australian Election, Brexit, US-Sino Trade War just to mention a few.

Come along to a Market Brief with Jody Elliss, one of Australia’s leading Technical and Fundamental forecasters for an interesting evening with likeminded Investors....
Venue :TBC
Sydney, NSW
Start :Saturday 22nd June 2019 5:30 PM
Finish :Saturday 22nd June 2019 8:30 PM
Cost :$55
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