Introduction to Day Trading

Why Trade an Index?
The Australian Index is the ideal Index to trade. It is the “Goldilox” Index that is not too BIG and not too SMALL. It is just the right size to see where institutions engage and where the general retail market engages. It is always the BEST 200 stocks in the market and so fundamentals for each individual stock are NOT critical. THERE ARE NO FUNDAMENTALS.

The Index is a map of people’s fear and greed. If we know the predominant emotion we can trade the Index. Despite the Institutions best efforts, we know what they are thinking.

Why the Australian Index?
The Australian Index:

  • Operates in our time zone – you can trade and enjoy a social life.
  • Trades in $AUD – you do not have constant currency issues.
  • Has easy to trade moments where the market consistently behaves in a known manner.
  • Is the first major market open in the world but wants to follow the world.
You can Trade for a LIVING with the AUSTRTALIAN Top 200 INDEX following some simple guidelines. Jody Elliss – one of Australia’s TOP INDEX TRADERS – will demonstrate some simple trades that have a high level of success.

Jody will introduce you to three effective trades:
  1. The Morning Trade
  2. The Mid Morning Trade
  3. The Lunch Time Trade
These trades do not require you to watch the market – you can set them in a few minutes. In other words – if you have a mobile phone or access to the internet – you can do these trades while you work, babysit, or relax. Jody will demonstrate how easy the trades are and how they can be traded most days.

The guidelines are simple to follow – you do not need to be an experienced trader to follow them. In fact many of our most successful traders had NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.

If you are interested in gaining an additional income form the markets in 2016 this Event is for you!