Techniques for Buying & Selling Shares

Now is a unique time to invest in the stock market

Investor Centre is offering a home study course of practical training that shows you how to use charting techniques to make informed buying and selling decisions on the stock market.

What sort of person would benefit from this course?

  • People who already have an interest in the stock market and simply want to hone their skills so they can develop a second income stream from trading.
  • People who think they would like to retire and become full-time stock market traders.
  • People who have never purchased shares and just want to learn the basic.



Please contact us at 0400 094 848 to find out about the Charting course or Modular Charts.
Modular Charts

Other Education Courses

Trading with IC-I Software

Jody Elliss will put the IC-Investor software through its paces on the current market. He will analyse the current market using many of the standard and advanced features of the IC-I software. He will also scan the market for opportunities to invest and trade using both SHORT and LONG strategies for trading stocks, options, and CFD’s.This highly informative session...

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Short Term Trading

In a market that suddenly increases and then decreases in volatilty, it is often difficult to make informed strategic decisions. Our market seems set to catch-up with the world but small hiccups in Europe or the US and we seem to tumble back down in a seemingly random manner.Short-term trading has the potential to make big profits from short runs in the market and...

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Day Trading

The Australian Index is the ideal Index to trade. It is the “Goldilox” Index that is not too BIG and not too SMALL. It is just the right size to see where institutions engage and where the general retail market engages. It is always the BEST 200 stocks in the market and so fundamentals for each individual stock are NOT critical. THERE ARE NO FUNDAMENTALS.The Index is a map of people’s...

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