The Answer to the Ultimate Traders Question "What Works Best?"

IC-Optimiser is a push button add-on for your IC-Investor package. If indicators are a major part of your technical analysis it is a MUST HAVE tool.

Do you use a Moving Average to make money in the market.
Do you use an RSI or Stochastic Oscillator to predict a turn in the market.
Do you use a Moving Average Cross Over (MAX) to lock profits in on trending markets.

The question is - BUT WHICH MA ???, WHICH RSI or STO ???, WHICH MAX works best on which stock?. The choices are endless, should it be a 10 period RSI or 7 Day simple Moving average or maybe a 30 Day exponential Moving Average.

NOW IC-Investor has the answer with the OPTIMISER Module.
Many Available Indicators
Did you know that historically, the 4 Day simple Moving Average was the most profitable Indicator to use on the Australian Dollar for long trades. Yes, IC-Optimiser handles both LONG and SHORT trades. At the push of a button, IC-Optimiser will tell you which indicator works best on which stock and how it performed historically with back testing.

IC-Optimiser has a unique RESULTS GRADE to work out the optimum indicator value for risk reward. This is based on overall accuracy, time in the market, and percentage earn for each trade. YOU can then decide which trading system best suits your individual investment strategies and goals.

IC-Optimiser can show you each and every trade that it did in any system that YOU select.

IC-Optimiser takes your IC-Investor program to the next level of customization. It will even remember what the best indicator value is for any INDIVIDUAL instrument that you optimise. In other words, if you optimise your Moving Averages for ANZ on a daily chart and WBC on a Weekly Chart, IC Optimiser will remember the best values and automatically use them as defaults when you next call up these charts.

If you are serious about your trading using indicators, there is no other tool on the market like IC-Optimiser.