Trading School
Practice Practice Practice.
A week of dedicated trading to set you up for a more profitable 2017!

In 2016 a $10,000 trading account went to over $60,000. Not a single month went into loss this year.

However, some Day Traders struggled to replicate this result.

Primarily reasons were:

  1. Lack of Experience placing trades and orders.
  2. Psychology of winning and losing (Fear and Greed).
  3. Lack of conviction to trade.

Trading School will address these issues and cover the 2017 Day Trades. Attendees will be doing a LOT OF TRADING. A funded City Index account will be required.

You will:

  1. Have a day of theoretical day trades where you will practice looking at the market conditions required for each trade.
  2. A day of segment trades where your trading skills will be sharpened as you learn to place trades quickly and confidently including advanced hedge trades and ambush trades.
  3. Learn how to place S&P and FTSE trades as well as night market ambushes.
  4. Learn about the Seven year cycle and advanced Tigers methodologies.
  5. Psychology of trading – addressing the problems of consistent wins and consistent losses.
  6. Spread-sheeting your trades.

I really liked the week of trading for the following reasons:
  • It gave us a chance to do the trades for every day of the week, which meant there were some we would never do on a day course.
  • It meant you could ask questions about the previous day’s trading while it was still a hot subject.
  • The fact that it was for a week meant it was worthwhile for me to pay for the flights and accommodation from Perth to Brisbane
  • Having Jody’s ear for week was very good value in that sometimes you would not think of something until a day later and you could still ask.


WOW! What an amazing course you have put together for the Trading School and thank you so much for letting me be a part of the first one, January 2017. I just wanted to let you know that the week was THE BEST course that I have ever attended.

Jody has an amazingly honest and entertaining lecture style that just makes you want to hear more, and every day was such a delight that I was always keen to wake up and eager to find out what was in store for the day. I will definitely be doing a course every year with Investor Centre.

As this was my first attempt at day trading, it was so great to get to practice every day live trading using the City Index ATPRO platform along with IC-Investor software. So we actually got to apply the theory in practice. I think you have hit upon a great structure that caters for both ‘newbie’s’ (like me) and those that are experienced traders. I did not hear one bad comment from any other group participant, more so that everyone was finding it brilliant and worth attending.

The notes provided are a great reference point and I am checking all my trades daily with the notes, as I chose to jump in and do all the trades mentioned in the TTWB, and so far I am still in front……even with all the mistakes I have made. I get quite a kick out of getting the trade right and even more so when we WIN. I am only trading 5 contracts at this stage with the plan to increase to 10 contracts for March, but only if I am correctly placing the trades (regardless of win or loss). I review every week and write out my list of lessons learnt including any psychological lessons such as my “revenge trade” last Friday when I got bored!

The length of time of 5 days for the Trading School was brilliant, and tied in nicely following on from the Tigers Trading Course on the Sunday. The longer course enabled the group to get to know one another and in this case the Lil’ Critters Club has formed! The 2 day courses I have been on previously are never quite long enough to establish a good rapport with anyone. Our little group that formed during your course has been communicating regularly since we left the course. I even popped in to say G’day to Ian at his home in Cairns on my way back from Port Douglas last Sunday.


The course was very worthwhile for me, I do need to do it again in about 12 months to keep up to date and improving my knowledge,
  • Reinforced how to do the various trades. ( Still need better understanding on a few)
  • Come away with more confidence to do most trades. A big increase in overall knowledge.
  • Better understanding of City Index Platform.
  • Better understanding if IC software.
  • The phone App is a great innovation.
  • Just being able to get immediate assistance while doing a trade when you have a problem is invaluable.
  • Jody’s method of delivery and knowledge is excellent. He did a wonderful job in getting the message across.
  • I would like to see more emphasis on risk management, so people don’t blow up their accounts. (Reinforced every day.)
  • Jody’s life experience ( little stories) in the financial world are really interesting ; are well received and create a talking point.
  • Being on the spot can’t be underestimated as per the advice to Halifax Accounts holders that there could be a problem;
I would have never found out if I was not at the course. The good thing is as of right now I am in POSITIVE territory and heading north.
Overall I am really happy having done the trading school, I know I can make a good go of this but I don’t profess to be a guru, I will need further training (I keep referring to my books and notes on the various trades.)
I feel really good about myself and my goals and expectations in the coming year. (Confidence and knowledge in what you are doing)
So glad I did it. Slowly, slowly catch the monkey !!
Thanks to all who participated and helped us all out.

My wife enjoyed the time away, shopping for the grown up kids, relaxing by the pool,and we found some great eating places and did a couple of tours before coming home,Overall a good trip – happy wife, happy life !!